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Why You should Require Professional Mold Inspection in Gilbert

Having a mold issue in your home is not only a serious risk to your health but also financially expensive. When faced with this problem, you should consider getting a professional to offer you a solution. Your home is more expensive than the cost you will incur for mold testing or mold inspection services. We conduct high quality and reliable inspections in accordance with the approved test standards for both mold testing and mold inspection in Gilbert


Gilbert Certified Mold Investigator

We understand that whenever you buy a property, it is a big investment. All the people involved need to know all aspects of the property and we are happy to provide this service. Most of our business comes from recommendations and referrals from past clients. We work for our customer directly and our work is to make sure that they understand all items that might be reported. Our job is not over after completing the report. In case you have any queries some months later, you should call us and we will do everything to make sure that you are fully satisfied with the property.If you need home mold inspection services Gilbert from a reputable company please get in touch with us.

What Causes Mold Growth and What are mold symptoms?

Fungal growth may happen whenever there is collection of moisture on organic material. Mold spores are present in the atmosphere at all times, but they only start growing if moisture levels are very high. To address mold growth you have to begin by identifying the moisture’s source and then evaluate the degree of the growth.

High humidity, water damage and even construction of new homes are all possible causes of mold growth.

Mold Inspection

The CDC has stated that exposure to mold indoors can cause respiratory problems such as wheezing and coughing even in healthy people. However, fore those who suffer from asthma, allergic reactions, or immunosuppression (a reduction of the activation or efficacy of the immune system.) which can have a more extreme effect on your overall health.It is dangerous to allow mold to thrive in your home.

Our professional inspection and mold testing in Gilbert, you will be able to determine if that is a problem or cause for concern in your home. Here are some of the ways household mold testing will help you find and then eliminate mold in your home.


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Mold tests and inspections include the management of moisture, building science and ventilation. If you hire a contractor without experience or proper tools required to carry out the inspection, then you might be wasting money, time and energy. We are Board certified,and a license contractor.

We like getting to the origin of the issue at all times by answering some questions.

Major questions answered are as follows:

Is there a real mold issue in the home in question or might there be another air quality issue in the house that is causing the problems?

Where is the moisture that is responsible for the fungal growth originating from?

What is the scope of the areas affected?

Have the mold spores been spread enough to require professional remediation or cleanup?

What has to be done to either get rid of or treat the growth of mold?

What has to be done to make sure that the problem does not recur?

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